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Blue Label Records is a true music lover’s label, bringing you high-quality music from Electronic and Hip-Hop genres, from emerging artists. Everything we release is creative, unique and pushes the envelope, helping us connect artists and fans through music. Join the fun and interact with us, share what you’re listening to, and help us launch the artists who deserve to be heard.


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Sudbury, Ontario native, Anthony Mansour (a.k.a. Tony Sour) first discovered his passion for music at the age of 14 after receiving his first DJ controller. Experimenting with different sounds in his teenage years, Tony explored the idea of pursuing a career in the music industry. Tony Sour founded Blue Label Records in 2014 after relocating to Kelowna, British Columbia. Throughout the success of the label, Tony has been honing his own craft in his home studio and fine tuning his sound. For more information on Tony Sour, as a recording artist, please follow the Artist Profile link below.

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